Who are we?


Glossop based sports therapist Heidi Wood is a premier sports therapist and personal trainer that is recognised nationally within her field, Heidi's client base includes some of Britain's leading sportsmen, pop stars, TV personalities and global dance organisations. With over 20 years experience as a sports therapist, Heidi has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help provide a solution for pain and injuries through sports therapy, massage and reflexology.

Hedi qualified in 2002 in equine massage therapy and has done various courses to update herself. She is qualified in Equine Touch and Reiki plus she has worked alongside a masters saddler too. Over the years Heidi has massaged and helped lots of horses, including an alasation dog which was lame on a recent visit - the owner thought it was it's leg but it was coming from having a sore back so Heidi treated that and after 20 minutes the dog was no longer lame, Hedi even showed the owner how to massage the dog herself and he has been fine ever since.

Heidi will also sometimes look at how a person rides, checks the riders position and how the saddle fits?? Posture analysis of the rider and confirmation and gait of the horse as part of her assessment and advice on how to correct this therefore improving perfect posture for horse & rider to prevent pain and to improve movement

Horse and Rider therapy facility is located in Glossop and ideally situated to service Derbyshire, Stockport, Greater Manchester Yorkshire and Lancashire and the surrounding areas.


"Treating horses/dogs is so rewarding as they can't talk so I can only go by what the owner says days after , love my job.

When I assess I look at the horse, saddle and sometimes how a person rides "