Many riders spend a fortune on having their horses treated by the physio/chiropractor, their saddles checked and refitted regularly and yet are unaware of the huge impact their own riding has on their horse's ability to move freely and whether the treatment of the physio/chiro/saddlefitter is effective on a long term basis. As one half of the partnership, it is important that your body functions to the best of its ability. It is also vital that you ride your horse in a biomechanically helpful way which develops his training mentally and physically, to ensure that the money you spend on his welfare is not wasted.

Tuition with Heidi Wood here in Glossop, Derbyshire encompasses several different options to suit your requirements:

  • Personal functional analysis & alignment consultations including full biomechanics screening and gait analysis
  • Equipilates™ in the studio
  • Equipilates™ group evening classes - Monday & Thursday 7:30 pm
  • Available for workshops

Your position has huge impact on your horse can moving underneath you. Your spinal alignment influences every aspect of your riding, from where your legs are positioned on the horse's sides to how you can apply a half halt aid.

Biomechanical restriction affects your weight distribution. If your weight is unevenly distributed over both sides of the horse, perhaps loaded forward or back of the vertical line of gravity or you find it more difficult to turn your body one way compared to the other (or all of those things!) your body will be giving signals to the horse to move in a certain way, even if you aren't aware of it. Even tiny deviations have an impact on how you and your horse work together.

Through carefully selected exercises and coaching, Heidi will help you develop your body into a more balanced, more co-ordinated, more elegant, more efficient and functionally stronger version of itself.

Horses also have their own alignment patterns and not always the same as their rider

Encouraging length and the release of tension in tight, overworking muscles and awakening correct function in weak, underworking ones promotes correct muscle balance and symmetry in your alignment.